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Short Introduction Of Mini Militia 2 Doodle Army 2 | Mini Militia Hack

mini militia doodle army

Mini militia 2 aka Doodle Army 2 (DA2) is a mobile platform based game. Mini-Militia was first released for iOS users on 5th April 2011. After gaining good popularity among the IOS device users, the game was released for Android devices on 18th March 2015. Mini-Militia was developed by "Appsomniacs LLC" originally. As of date till now, the game has over 50 million downloads on Android Google Play store.

Not only the game itself is crazy popular, the hack versions, mods and pro packs are also equally adored by the fans. Even though you can't directly download the mini militia hack version from the playstore itself, you can download it from different sites including here. These hack version enables you to unlock super amazing features in the game that will leave not only you but also your friends in awestruck.

Mini Militia 2 Game Popularity

mini militia mega mod

The official game - Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia (DA2) is free to download, and it is available on Google Play Store. This is a multi-player 2D shooter game. Ever since it first surfaced on Google Play Store, the game has come a long way. It was one of the most played games among the Android Users when it was first released. The mini militia was also listed among the "top games" on the App Store for the Indian market in 2017. And as we said earlier, till now, the game has over 50 million downloads on Android Google Play store alone so we can't deny the fact that it is still insanely popular and loved by all.

Mini Militia 2 (Doodle Army) Gameplay

Mini Militia Mod Gameplay

The gameplay of Mini Militia involves a very simple mechanism. The controls are easy, and they can be customized according to how comfortable a player feels. The gameplay involves the characters using "jetpack" to stay in the air and shoot each other. A player has to control the jetpack and shoot simultaneously while in the air. This may sound difficult at first, but the game provides a thorough "guide" at the beginning of a new game. A "sergeant" appears at the beginning to guide you through the controls, and it basically covers all the aspects of the gameplay. Once you have completed the "guide," it should be relatively easy for you to accustom to the controls.

When you first enter Mini Militia, you will see an ocean of circles on the left as well as the right side. These "round buttons" are the major controls that triggers shooting, directions, attacking and also a grenade throw. The default controls are given as

1. The Left-most Circle- This controls the “booster” of the jetpack

2. The Right Circle- This controls the "direction" of the gun, and it also allows you to shoot when pressed.

3. The circle with "grenade" icon- This is too obvious, even for someone who is new to mobile gaming. This Circle allows you to throw grenades at your opponents or "Bots."

Aside from all these Circles, there are several other circles which allows you to “change your weapons” and other additional features. Mini militia can be played on "single" or "multi" player mode. In offline mode, you can connect to multiple friends through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. A player acts as a "host" and all the other players join the host to play together. The gameplay involves three main gameplay modes: Solo Play, Multiplayer, and Quick Play mode.

Mini Militia Game Modes

Mini Militia Pro Pack

1. SOLO PLAY MODE The solo play mode includes Training and Survival play mode. As already explained before, in Training mode, it allows a new player to get accustomed to all the controls of the game. This training will involve controls of the jetpack, direction of the weapons, how to change weapons and al the basic additional controls. Survival Mode: This mode of the game, once you have completed the Training session allows you to test the controls. Basically a number of "Bots" appears and you have to shoot them. This will enable you to check all the controls and practice with the Bots before you can proceed to play a multiplayer game online with all the other players around the world.

2. QUICK PLAY MODE In Quick Play mode, you can play online with all other users playing Mini Militia. The matchmaking system allows you to battle up with other people looking for Quickplay. Once the game has found the other players available for Quickplay, every player has to click "ready" in order to start the game. If one of the connected players fails to accept "ready" then the game does not start. Everyone has to accept "ready." After all the players have accepted the game, you can choose a Map of your liking and form a team with other connected players. Once all these are completed, the countdown starts and your game will begin. In this mode, the only objective is to kill as many opponents as you can to get a good score. At the end of the gameplay, you can check your overall stats (summary) as well as all the other players.

3. MULTIPLAYER MODE In this mode, you can connect with your friends through Wi-Fi. To do this, you have to create a host or let your friends host, and you can join the server. The simple procedure involves some few steps in the order of- a) You have to open your "Hotspot." Your friends can then join your device by opening the Wi-Fi on their phone and connecting to your network. b) Once your friend has joined your network, you have to open the Mini Militia game app. After entering the game, you have to choose "Multiplayer." c) There will be an option for LAN WI-FI, which you have to choose and enter "DEATHMATCH." d) Select the host option (step a) and choose a map of your liking and wait for your friends to join the game. e) Once all your friends have accepted, the game commences.

Mini Militia Game Features

mini militia new map new guns

I. A player can choose from any map of their choosing

II. It can be played as a solo (with Bots) or as multiplayer (Friends) through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth

III. The Android version required is minimum (3.0 or above). All the smartphones after 2011 basically come with Android 3.0 or above.

IV. The RAM required is very low. This enables people even with Budget Smart Phones to play the game with good stability.

V. The settings are customizable. A player can customize their avatars to their weapons (flamethrowers, bazookas, shields, etc.)

New Mini Militia Updates

Mini Militia Updates

The game is quite stable as of till date; however, after some recent updates, players have been complaining about the stability of the game (that the game cannot be started properly). The lag has been an issue as well for some serves in Quick Play mode. With upcoming updates, the players can expect more stable and lag-free gameplay. Also, the developers are always working to improve the "graphics" of the game. The future updates may also bring some new and improved maps. The lack of online tournaments have been widely discussed among the players, and so it can be expected that "Mini Militia tournaments" will be a reality soon. Likely, not only these but more upgraded features shall be announced soon.

Mini Militia Mods | Mini Milita Cheats

Mini Militia Cheats

There are tons of super cool features added in the mini milita mod version. It is literally like using the cheat in the game to unlock killer stuffs. However, this is not the official release by the original developers but cracked version of the game made by fans. Some of the super cool features that are unlocked using this cheat/mods are -

Reloading Weapons This mod apk enables you to reload weapon by itself. In short words, you don't need to reload your weapons again and again which is sort of hassle while playing. It's pretty much like non-stop shooting.

Unlimited Health This also unlocks the unlimited health mod which means your health bar will always stay full. Even your friends will be surprised knowing even after accurate shooting for long, the character did not die.

Unlimited Jetpack The nitro in your jetpack will never run out so, you can fly the entire time pursuing your enemies and attack.

Wall Hack This feature allows you to pass through walls. You can fly or hide anywhere without any barriers.

Unlimited Weapons You get the unlimited ammo. Each and every type of weapons you use will be unlimited and its ammo will remain neutral without finishing.

Gravity Mod This will make the gravity zero, in other words, it is literally like you are playing on the moon. Also, it is like the Lunarchy map in the mini militia game itself.

One Hit Kill This feature allows you to knock your opponent out cold with only one shot no matter which weapon you use. You can easily score crazy points with this one.

Maximum Zoom Mod With this mod, you can zoom 7x times no matter which weapon you possess. Using this, you can easily spot your opponents no matter how far they are.

See Through Bushes Now you can easily see through the bushes. If there are any opponents hiding behind it, they are clearly spotted.

Pro Pack The mini militia pro pack is also enabled for free. All kinds of stuffs including every weapons are unlocked for you.

Mega Mod This mega mod is the ultimate mod where there are unlimited features unlocked. All of the above features plus more are added on this mega mod.

Mini Militia 3 Doodle Army 3 (DA 3)

Mini Militia 3 Download

Mini Militia 3 aka Doodle Army 3 (DA3) has no official release date as of now. There has been massive rumors going on about this game being releasing soon however, it is not certain yet. Even though, the previous game series like the Mini Militia 1 (Doodle Army 1) and Mini Militia 2 (Doodle Army 2) became a crazy hit among the people, we can only hope the new game to be released soon due to its crazy demand. But what we can assure is, it will definitely be one hell of a game that will surpass its previous sequences - more entertainments, more features, more customizations, more weapons, more characters, more landscapes and all. Lastly, as a bright side, if you extremely want to download and play the new mini militia 3 game, you still can download it but its not an official release. It is still insanely entertaining and equally popular.

Final Verdict

mini militia invisible mod

The mini militia has changed the mobile gaming platform ever since it was first released in 2011 for iOS users. The game is very engaging due to its vast numbers of players globally. The customization in settings and controls also makes it one of the most fun games to play. If you are looking for a fun game to play with a minimum requirement of your budget smartphone, the “Mini Militia: Doodle Army (DA)” is the game for you, requiring only 45Mb of your phone space and as little as 1GB of RAM yet, packed with enormous adventures and crazy shooting gameplay that is undoubtedly enjoyable no matter you play it alone or with friends. This is definitely one of the best game that one should not miss.

How To Download, Install And Play Mini Militia Mod, Hack And Cheats On Your Android Or Ios

mini militia mod apk ios
  • Firstly, click the below link.
  • The unlimited mod should automatically start downloading.
  • There are both mini militia mod apk for android version and mini militia mod ios for Iphone/Ios device version.
  • The download link will auto detect your device and download the mod depending on your smartphone so it will work on all devices.
  • That is it. Enjoy!

Download Mini Militia Mod Apk

Download Mini Militia Mod Ios

How To Download, Install And Play Mini Militia 3 Doodle Army 3 (DA 3)

mini militia 3 doodle army 3 da3
  • Follow the link we have provided below.
  • Complete the instructions as it asks.
  • The mini milita 3 doodle army 3(DA3) game should automatically download based on your android or ios version.
  • That's it, pretty simple and easy. It works on all devices. Enjoy!

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